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Blood Bowl
Here I have collected all useful stuff I have found and created myself for the boardgame Blood Bowl.

Blood Bowl is the game of fantasy football. Throughout the Old World and beyond, teams of fearless warriors - known as Blood Bowl players - face each other on ritualised battlefields known as pitches. Their aim is to score as many touchdowns as possible in the time allowed. To score a touchdown a player must move an inflated pig's bladder - also known as a 'ball' - into the opposing team's end zone. The ball can be moved around the field in many ways from being kicked, carried thrown or even held by a thrown player! The opposing team will be trying to gain possession of the ball as well. They can do this by intercepting a ball from a throw, picking up the ball if it has become 'loose' or the far more frequent method of attacking the ball carrier! Over the years this hasn't stopped teams using this rule rather loosely, and many a player's armour is covered in sharp protruding spikes with blades and large knuckle-dusters attached to their gauntlets. The history of Blood Bowl is littered with the illegal use of weapons.

If you like the idea of becoming a coach in the most brutal sports game, with a team of hardened warriors and loyal cheerleaders, then Blood Bowl is for you. Read on to get started.

Blood Bowl Rules (PDFs)
NAF "Living Rulebook"
Blood Bowl Living Rulebook v5 plus Experimental 2008
Teams (Rulebook v5) | (Excel/Open Office)
(Undead) Bonecrackers United, 1000 points
(Chaos) The Dark Juggernauts, 1000 points
Team Templates (Rulebook v5) | (Excel/Open Office)
Links (Useful links for Blood Bowl)
www.games-workshop.comThe original site for the game!
bbtactics.comA lot of BB tactics and useful information.
www.comixininos.com Great place to buy BB figures.
www.greebo-games.com Fantastic Blood Bowl miniatures/figures.
www.bloodbowl-game.com The PC version of the boardgame.
Blood Bowl @ boardgamegeek.com