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Here I have collected all useful stuff I have found and created myself for the boardgame Talisman.

It may be a simple adventure game, but it is still fun to play!
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New characters for Talisman (Games Workshop version)
Demone Prince
Orc Champion
Talisman Boardgame Interaction Cards
This is my proposal on how to increase the interaction between players in Talisman.

1) Give each player 3 randomized cards from start.
2) Before each players turn start, give that player 1 new card (except first turn in game).
3) A player can have 4 cards as maxium after a new card is dealt, all extra cards needs to be put back into the stack of Integration Cards.
4) Interaction Cards can be played either on player self or any other player, as long text/action allows it.
5) A player can only play one card each player turn.

Example of usage: Player A with total ST 10 meets a Dragon with ST 7. Player B decides to increase the ST of the Dragon and plays 'Juggernaut - Interact monster' card that gives +3 ST. Player A and Dragon is now same ST before dices is rolled. Player C can also add Interaction Cards... :)

Download ALL integration cards here: InteractionCards.zip