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  Hexagon ( 2007-12-17 )
This is an example (demo) on how to use C++ and MFC to draw a 'hexagon' grid and detect where the mouse pointer is.

Visual Studio 6.0

Hexagon.rar ( rar )Download [ 11 kB ]

  JPMP3 ( 2007-09-06 )
This is an old code project I did 1999-2000 when I was working as an programmer on the company Mindrise HB.

The goal was to be able to play MP3 during our game we created for PC, namly Neverdawn.

Sadly we didn't managed to create our game for 100%, we had a deal with Bonniers Multimedia, they were intrested into promoting our game, instead they desided to give out a game by Massive Entertainment (Ground Control I think it was).

The player is coded with Win32 API for the GUI and Message Handling. I used Microsoft Multimedia Interfaces to handle MP3 and WAV files and DirectX 7 to create buffers that I could stream the encoded MP3 to WAV data.

Direct X 7

JPMP3.exe ( rar )Download [ 33 kB ]

  Monkey ( 2007-09-06 )
This is a simple lite application coded with Win32 to show "throwing parabels". The idea was to make a remake of an really old game called Monkey, where two monkeys in a city was throwing bananas on eachother. Silly idea, yes I know.


Monkey.exe ( rar )Download [ 60 kB ]
Monkey Source ( rar )Download [ 8 kB ]

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